Mark Chalabala - Photographist

Who Is This Halabala?

Mark Chalabala aka "Halabala"

Photographist, Experiencialist & Full On Raconteur

I have led an amazing life. I have tried to 'do this', have 'gone there' and then 'eaten that' and can report that it's 'Bien There'. The images I've taken are but paper-thin slices of a world I've seen and experienced first hand. They serve as visual 'index cards' in the filing cabinet of my mind; a way to recall a moment, a day, an adventure.

The family name in Old Bohemia, is Halabala. My grandfather Stepan added the lead "C" during his voyage to Ellis Island to 'neutralize' the name, which he said meant "party boy";perhaps the genesis of "hulabaloo". For my entire life, I have sort of lived the "hulabaloo" - quick with a joke, good with drink in hand. This all changed in 2018 while visiting Cesky Krumlow, in the Czech Republic. Here I would learn that a 'halabala' is not a ''party boy', but rather a 'mistake'; a screw-up. I found this both revealing, and hysterical. It was there in Cesky Krumlow that I made the decision to become :

"Halabala the Photographist"

This Bohemian's Life

1982 Voted 'Most Bizzare'& Best Punk Rocker of his Senior Class

1994 Rode Bicycle Across America 6,000 miles - 3 Months

2000 Purchases "Chalabala's Folly" an 1893 Four-square money-pit for rehab

2002 Heaviest Man to Summit Kilimanjaro (up to 2002)

2008 Grizzly Bear Encounter in Denali, Alaska

2011 Round the World #1 "Have Camera Will Travel"- 9 Months

2016 Round the World #2 "Adventcha Before Dimentia"

2017 "National Parks of the American West" driving tour 20,000miles in 100 Days

2018 Round the World #3 "Hands of Man" - 9 Months

2019 - Awarded Doctorate in World Travel & Experience (WhatsAMatta U.)

2019(May) - "Lets Go Mongo" Article Published

2019(June) - Expanded Mongolia Footprint Article

2019(September) - Antarctica (pg58)