Halabala the Presenter

A Bon Voyager's "This Mongolian Life" (Coming in Summer 2019)

Presenter: Mark Chalabala

Time: Approx. 60 Minutes, Displaying 600 images

Sequence: 2 Segments of approx. 30 minutes each

Segment1: Central Mongolia, Nomadic Life, Reindeer Herders, Western Mongolian Steppe

Segment2: 2016 Gold Eagle Festival in Focus

The presentation runs as a "movie" with transitions between images, and pre-recorded music. The speaker will provide context and content as the movie plays. Following the presentation, the presenter will be available for questions and comments.

Digital Projector Available

Contact: Mark Chalabala

Phone: (312) 888-0297

e-mail: mark.chalabala@gmail.com