Taking a Lens to the World in Africa

There can be no better way to start your "Ultimate Around the World" trip than by spending a few months in a truck rumbling from Nairobi to Capetown in 2011.I remember writing at the time that if you had a dislike for mouth-breathing, spitting, dirt-eating, loud-talkers, shreiking laughter, you were guaranteed to find these qualities in the person sitting next to you..Such are the joys of overland, but if you can some how survive all the quirks of living with total strangers, the route to South Africa is one of the most amazing voyages possible.

The camera and I both got a workout, and over the years I had made many a plan to return, but it wasn't until 2018 that I made it back to Africa. I chose a different path, covering the northern countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, forming a "bookend" to my travels.