Taking a Lens to the World in Some Amazing Places

When people ask "Where Ya Been"? I try to come up with something witty. When people ask "Where's the Best place you've been...that gets harder to asnwer. I can remember having to be talked into going to Antarctica. "REI Jim" assured me it would only add a few thousand to my budget back in 2011, but it ended up adding about $7,000. But it was worth every penny. In 2016 I "found" Rainbow Mountain in Peru, literally from a big hanging banner in our hostel lobby. I commented that I thought I could take a better picture of the range and those around me thought I was too full of myself, but I did end up coming back with several amazing shots of an amazing place.

In 2018 I found myself in Ecuador and was truely torn between going to the Galapagos or staying ashore. I remembered the "push" to get to Antarctica, and found a way to go (land tour) that gave the camera the shots it neede while saving me some valuable money.

When people ask m what I 'take away' from all these trips, trails and travails; it's the people. The faces of those who were there to meet me, to greet me, and allow me to aim my lens towards them without running away. The "Faces" pages are dedicated to these brave souls who allowed 'Santa' to do his thing.