Taking a Lens to the World in South America

South America has been a "hit" on all three "rounding" tours, and at this point, I've really seen a lot.

in 2011 I landed in Chilean Patagonia, trekked the Torres del Paine, then Fitzroy in Argentina before heading to Antarctica. Ushia to Bolivia, thru the Uyuni Salt Flats before returning for a week in Santiago, Chile. A long lonely flight to Easter Island before I ended that first trip at Iguazu Falls, in Argentina.

in 2016 I returned to trek Parque de Patagonias with dear friends, then thru Torres for a quick visit and the vaunted Marble Caves. Back to Bolivia, thru the dinosaur badlands of Toro Toro, back thru Uyuni and then thru Peru. Peru was incredible as I found Rainbow Mountain a good substitute for a rained out Machu Picchu hike. Then I made my way up thru Colombia to end my travels on the island of Providencia.

In 2018 I returned again, flying into Quito, for a month of Ecuadorian Splendor on my way to a fortnight in the Galapagos. If that wasn't crazy enough, I was in Otavalo and while shooting other birds of prey at a sanctuary, I had a bald eagle swoop down and roost near me. I was bolted into the 400mm lens and the shoot was once-in-a-lifetime

Interesting to note that in 2011 I didn't seem to need to speak Spanish. I 2016 it helped a lot and by 2018 I would be lost without it.