Taking a Lens to the World in Scandinavia

I was really trying to go thru the UK, almost the whole time. While planning out my second "rounding" I had a month of travel from London to the Orkney's planned, then a hop over to Iceland for a week or so. Simple. Then "REI Jim" mentioned that he wanted to travel above the arctic circle and a plot was hatched. Somehow ten-weeks with a rental car was projected to cost $1,000 less than a month in the UK by myself. Iceland camping for a month was great, but a lot of travel per picture taken. The Faroe Islands is the first place I've ever been where they didn't want touristm

From the moment we arrive in northern Norway, I knew this was a special place..Norwegians actually "like" living that far away from the rest of the country...Sweden and Finland were comparatively vacant, but there was a McDonalds almost at Norcap, the northernmost point.

It's just expensive...learn to eat hot-dogs like the natives and you'll be fine..