Taking a Lens to the World in England & Scotland

Hard to fathom now, but up until last year I had never been outside of London, and to me, that's not England. I was in Sri Lanka and couldn't find a way to make it to Ecuador without massive layovers in several places, so I opted for a few weeks in the UK. I had an amazing time. All Brits are of the opinion that York is "lovely" and that's not a word we "yanks" use a lot, but it actually WAS lovely. Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford and a closing few days in London completed a great, albeit quick trip

From Leeds, I took a bus up to Edinburgh and went nuts in an 8 day "shoot"...you really have to get your legs in shape for the cobbles stairs of Scotland, but it's worth it. The camera was rarely at rest during my stay there. I got over to Glasgow and walked thru all the street murals (there are many) and even got on a tour to go see some lochs and parts of the Great Western hike..I will be returning

Everyone travels by bus and once you get past the cost of lodging and food, there's no beating a proper English breakfast.